(308) Avengers: Age of Ultron

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(308) The Avengers: Age of Ultron
→ Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Thor, Maria Hill


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I think, as these periodically come along, I'll post them here because they really are speedy yet full of information about ISS!

SpeedyTime #1, about  Kibo Airlock, can be found here.

: YouTube NASA Johnson_Astronauts on the International Space Station have to exercise for two hours every day, but they can show off the hardware in a lot less time than that. In this “SpeedyTime” segment Expedition 52 flight engineer Peggy Whitson gives us a rapid-fire display of exercises that can be done with just one piece of equipment, the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device in the Tranquility module.


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 139 x Galavant

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 139 x Galavant

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(53) Justice League trailer & Comic Con sneak peek
→ Diana Prince


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monsters inc

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monsters inc

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30 Life on Mars icons

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8 20 22
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Whether coffee, like me!, or tea, sort of like me, soda, not like me, or chocolate, like me!, we all probably take-in a little caffine from time to time. This makes me feel a bit better about doing just that :)


From: YouTube Ted-Ed_Over 100,000 metric tons of caffeine are consumed around the world every year. That’s equivalent to the weight of 14 Eiffel Towers! Caffeine helps us feel alert, focused, and energetic, even if we haven’t had enough sleep — but it can also raise our blood pressure and make us feel anxious. So how does it keep us awake? Hanan Qasim shares the science behind the world’s most widely used drug.


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Welcome back, grammar fans! [community profile] fandom_grammar has a lighter schedule during these summer months, but fear not, we still have interesting grammar issues to discuss!  Today we’ll be talking about a couple of words that are very commonly used in place of each other.  Ground and floor aren’t exactly the same thing, and we’ll get into their differences with some help from the characters of Sherlock.

Are you sure you don’t mean the ground floor? )

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angel(2), agents of shield(4), buffy(4), killjoys(2), lost girl(3), superstore(2), riverdale(3), legends of tomorrow(37), shadowhunters(1) and supernatural(1)

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...I'll post them here because they really are speedy yet full of information about ISS!

     From YouTube: NASA Johnson
No one knows the International Space Station better than the people who live and work there—and now they’re sharing that knowledge in bite-sized chunks. In the first of a series of short videos called “SpeedyTime,” Expedition 52 flight engineer Jack Fischer gives us a quick-but-thorough tour of payload activities inside and outside the airlock in the station’s Japanese laboratory module, Kibo.


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10 Elizabeth Weir (Stargate Atlantis) Icons

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